advanced glycation endproducts

Targeting Methylglyoxal in Diabetic Kidney Disease Using the Mitochondria-Targeted Compound MitoGamide

Diabetic kidney disease (DKD) remains the number one cause of end-stage renal disease in the western world. In experimental diabetes, mitochondrial dysfunction in the kidney precedes the development of DKD. Reactive 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds, such as …

Processed foods drive intestinal barrier permeability and microvascular diseases

Intake of processed foods has increased markedly over the past decades, coinciding with increased microvascular diseases such as chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes. Here, we show in rodent models that long-term consumption of a processed diet …

Advanced Glycation Endproduct-Induced Albuminuria and Changes in Gut Microbiota and Metabolome are Attenuated by Resistant Starch in a Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes

Australasian Diabetes Congress 2019

Resistant starch supplementation is not associated with protection against diabetic nephropathy in the STZ-induced diabetic mouse model

Australasian Diabetes Congress 2019

Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products: Digestion, Metabolism and Modulation of Gut Microbial Ecology

The formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in foods is accelerated with heat treatment, particularly within foods that are cooked at high temperatures for long periods of time using dry heat. The modern processed diet is replete with …

Advanced Glycation Endproducts and the Gut Microbiota

Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting

Resistant Starch Ameliorates Advanced Glycation Endproduct-Induced Albuminuria in a Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes

53rd Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes

Resistant Starch Ameliorates Heat Treated Diet-Induced Gut Permeability and Renal Dysfunction in Experimental Diabetes

Nutrition Society of Australia 41st Annual Scientific Meeting

Resistant Starch Ameliorates Advanced Glycation Endproduct-Induced Albuminuria ina Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes

15th Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology & 52nd Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology ASM

Excess Consumption Of Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products Induce Changes in Gut Microbiota which is Associated with Inflammation

Dietitian's Association of Australia 33rd National Conference